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Setting up the alarm-messaging or alarm-messaging-location function via provisioning


PBX firmware 8.2 or newer

  • COMpact 4000
  • COMpact 5x00(R)
  • COMmander 6000
  • COMtrexx firmware 1.6.1 or newer

COMfortel WS-500x firmware 2.48 or newer

  • Alarm-Messaging or Alarm-Messaging-Location Licences in the DECT Manager

To use the alarm-messaging or alarm-messaging-location features, the provisioning file for the COMfortel IP DECT system must be supplemented in the telephone system.

Switching on the function:

<!-Switch on alarm messaging and location for all handsets--->.

  <oper name="set_hs_aml" value="@">
   <param name="LocationAML" value="1"/>
   <param name="MessagingAML" value="1"/>


<!-- for individual handsets -->

  <oper name="set_hs_aml" value="IPUI des Handsets">
   <param name="LocationAML" value="1"/>
   <param name="MessagingAML" value="1"/>

Activate alarm server certificate:

  <oper name="set_uci">
   <param name="mosquitto.listener.enabled" value="1" />

Release of the ring tones in the COMfortel DECT handset:

  <settings version="1.0" productID="e2">
   <param name="AmlGlobal.0.HottestAlertNameHigh" value="High prio"/>
   <param name="AmlGlobal.0.HottestAlertNameMid" value="Medium prio"/>
   <param name="AmlGlobal.0.HottestAlertNameLow" value="Low prio "/>

If SIP text messages are to be displayed (e.g. with the call systems GIRA 834 Plus and Hospicall P3 or P7), the following must be added:

<!-- Set display name, priority, display duration, message memory duration and ringtone. -->

   <param name="SipProvider.0.AML_TitleText" value="GIRA Rufsystem"/>
   <param name="SipProvider.0.AML_Prio" value="3"/>
   <param name="SipProvider.0.AML_PresentationTimer" value="10"/>
   <param name="SipProvider.0.AML_TTL" value="3600"/>
   <param name="SipProvider.0.AML_AlertInfo" value="msg_melody_mid"/>